An appeals court on Wednesday upheld a 65 year sentence handed down to the mother of an infant known to many as "Baby Faith" in 2015.

The Thirteenth Court of Appeals, in Corpus Cristi, had initially reversed the sentence of Christine Johnson but the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office argued in their request for a re-hearing that the jury's sentence was proper according to a release fro the district attorney's office.

The appeals court agreed an affirmed the jury's verdict's resulting in Johnson’s sentences of twenty and sixty-five years according to the release.

From the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office...

District Attorney Bob Wortham has announced that on October 19, 2017, the Thirteenth Court of Appeals affirmed the Jefferson County jury’s sentence of twenty years and sixty-five years issued to the infant’s mother, Christine Johnson in August of 2015.

Testimony elicited during the trial revealed Baby Faith was one month old when relatives discovered she was suffering from numerous injuries and had difficulty breathing.

Baby Faith was rushed to the hospital by family members.

The infant was immediately placed in critical condition. Medical professionals worked selflessly to stabilize and keep Baby Faith alive.

Faith was transported to Texas Children’s Hospital by jet in the care of the Kangaroo Crew, a medical specialty team from Texas Children’s Hospital.

At Texas Children’s, the doctors discovered Baby Faith had sustained over forty fractures of varying ages to all areas of her one month old body.

After completion of a thorough investigation, Port Arthur Police department detectives concluded the parents, Christine Johnson and Darrell Mason were responsible for the injuries and by omission failed to provide medical care to Baby Faith.

After a week long trial in which Judge John Stevens presided, a Jefferson County jury found Christine Johnson guilty of Second Degree Injury to a Child assessing a punishment of twenty years and guilty of First Degree Injury to a Child by Omission assessing a sixty-five year sentence.

Johnson appealed the convictions and the appeal was reviewed by the Thirteenth Court of Appeals, Corpus Christi.

The case had been transferred from the Ninth Court of Appeals, Beaumont pursuant to a docket equalization order.

Initially, the Thirteenth Court of Appeals reversed the sixty-five year sentence.

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office requested a rehearing of the decision arguing that the jury’s sentence was proper.

Upon reconsideration, the Thirteenth Court of Appeals agreed and affirmed the jury’s verdicts of guilt on both charges resulting in Christine Johnson’s sentences of twenty and sixty-five years.

Assistant District Attorneys Patrick Knauth and Randi King prosecuted the case at trial. Assistant District Attorney Wayln Thompson and Angela Kneeland litigated the appeal.