BEAUMONT — Testimony in the trial of a man accused of killing a Beaumont man and then setting his body on fire in 2017 began Tuesday morning in Beaumont.

Seth Joachim Haynes, 21, is accused in the January 2017 death of Alex Straway, 23, whose burned body was found inside his car on in the north end of Beaumont.

The case is being heard in Jefferson County's 252nd District Court.

Haynes admitted to police that he shot and killed Straway before driving Straway's car to the 3300 block of McHale Street and setting it on fire with his body inside it, according to file stories.

Haynes was indicted for the crime in February 2017.

Amber Conway took the stand Tuesday. She said she dated Alex Straway on-and-off for several years.

Conway said five days before the killing, Straway told her to sell a gun to Haynes while he was in Colorado.

Conway picked the gun up at Straway’s mother's house on January 9, and says she met with Haynes to sell the gun later that day.

After the exchange, she realized that the envelope that she thought was full of money for the gun was actually filled with paper towels.

She told Straway of the dishonest exchange and she said, "he was not happy and demanded Haynes to return the gun, but had no intentions to kill Haynes.”

Facebook messages between Straway and Haynes were shown in the courtroom and the exchange was not pleasant. There were a lot of threats back and fourth between the two men.

The defense cross examined Conway, reading read a text message from Straway to Haynes that said, ”you're a dead man.”

The defense argued that Haynes was concerned about his physical safety.

A friend of Straway, Terrance Biggers says that he drove Haynes to a Beaumont gas station to meet with Straway that night to talk about the situation between them. He says that Haynes admitted to killing Straway, but out of self defense.

A disagreement between the State and the defense lead the judge to rule a recess around 4p.m.

The prosecution will continue to call their witnesses to the stand tomorrow morning at the Jefferson County Courthouse.