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$20,000 in household goods stolen from SETX Civilian Task Force Facility

Police are investigating after $20,000 donated goods were stolen from at the Southeast Texas Civilian Taskforce, which was founded after Harvey.

GROVES, Texas — Thieves targeted a disaster relief group, stealing thousands of dollars in donated goods this weekend. 

Groves Police is investigating after a theft at the Southeast Texas Civilian Workforce. The group was founded to respond and assist with relief efforts after Tropical Storm Harvey. 

About $20,000 dollars worth of items were taken from their facility in Groves. Southeast Texas Civilian Workforce works with nonprofits to help families in the Golden Triangle who are struggling. 

One of the organizers said the act will not bring their spirits down. 

"We're gonna pray for them," SETX Civilian Task Force spokesperson Autumn Brown said. "And we're gonna hope that something happens and their life changes, and they decide that this is not the way they want to be, that their heart changes and they don't do this to anybody else."

Brown said they are planning to press charges, but she said she does not believe they will get the stolen items back. 

"This will not stop us from doing what we do and continuing to push forward with what we do. There is a lot of love to be spread and we are not going to stop doing that," Brown said. 

Anyone with any information about the theft, call Groves Police Department at (409) 962-0244. 

Some of the items stolen include: 

  • Two 100 qt white coolers
  • Eight 36” TVs
  • Six dehumidifiers
  • Six - eight heaters
  • Various cases of hygiene items
  • Several cases of laundry detergent
  • Dish sets
  • Mini fridge
  • Cases of batteries
  • HP printer & laptop
  • Lawn chairs
  • Various types of tools
  • Pot sets
  • Furniture 

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