PORT NECHES, Texas — Port Neches City Council has voted against allowing Mardi Gras Southeast Texas to Port Neches after a number of citizens expressed concerns about the potential move. 

"They approached us about the possibility of coming to Port Neches and the thing is you never tell people no until you gather the facts, access, then you make a decision," says  Port Neches Mayor Glenn Johnson.

Longtime Port Neches resident, Gordon Clark, thinks Mardi Gras would have been "too big" for his town.

"Our streets are not wide enough and strong enough to support this many people coming here. It's a peaceful little town and like I said we just can't afford to have this many people invade our town," Clark said.

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Mardi Gras Southeast Texas officials announced Thursday they are no longer eyeing Port Neches as an option to host the annual event, and requested the item be removed from Thursday's meeting agenda.

12News has confirmed Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames will meet with Mardi Gras Southeast Texas on Tuesday, to talk about bringing the celebration to Beaumont.

"Now that Port Neches has said they don't want it, we will continue some conversations. I did talk to them in the past couple weeks and we will reach out to them again," Ames said. 

While the item was still on the agenda, Port Neches decided against any further action in moving forward with Mardi Gras. 

Mayor Glenn Johnson told 12News they wish the Mardi Gras committee nothing but success. 

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"We wish Mardi Gras success; it really is a good event. It just wasn't a fit for Port Neches," Johnson said.