Breaking from a tradition home to one on wheels. That’s the idea behind the Boomerang Bus. A Lumberton couple is moving out of their apartment at the end of January and into a school bus they are remodeling to look more like an RV.

The idea for the Boomerang Bus came from a family friend. The couple was celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Crystal beach last year, when they saw a family friend roll up in a yellow school bus.

“"We actually moved to Phoenix when we first got married but got lonely and came back. So be boomerang bus will let us travel and come back and just see friend and family whenever we need to."

The Walcott’s purchased the bus from a place in San Antonio for $7,000. They say that is a higher price tag than most but they were looking for one that had low mileage. Their budget for the remodel was $20,000, but they are not inching closer to the $30,000 mark. Good news though, they do not have much more money to spend. They are saving by doing almost all of the work themselves.

“"Once you get it to where is feels like a house, that's something I was use to and she's, I mean she has helped me. I would hire her."

The Boomerang Bus is equipped with a projector to watch television. It also has a full size sink, a shower, an RV sized fridge and even a washer/dryer combo.

They plan to travel to National Parks, music festivals and anywhere that peaks their interest in the United States. They will roll out this summer.

If you wish to follow their journey look up 'The Boomerang Bus' on Instagram.