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Fort Hood name change receiving mixed reviews from community

There are mixed opinions on the upcoming name change.

FORT HOOD, Texas — Fort Hood officials announced that the military post will be renamed Fort Cavazos on Friday, March 24.

This new name will honor Texas-born, Korean and Vietnam War veteran General Richard Edward Cavazos.

This will be a major adjustment not just for the military personnel who work at the base, but also people in the community who have grown comfortable with the Fort Hood name.

"To me, it's kind of just a name," Killeen resident Paula Smith-McGee explained. "For people that have been stationed here, it is going to still probably be Fort Hood. It's probably gonna take time to get over the name change."

Members of the Fort Hood community are excited about this change and say it will reflect on the honor General Cavazos led with.  

But some people think the troubled history of Fort Hood should be addressed first before any changes.

"It's stupid. It doesn't change the history or what's happened at Fort Hood. I think they need to change the leadership and how they do things in and around Fort Hood instead of changing the name," Nikki Thompson explained. 

With the name change, businesses with the Fort Hood name attached to it or have a business on Fort Hood Street might have to be forced to change their business address, logos, and more. 

Business owners say it'll cost them more and will just be a hassle for customers to adjust to.

"I can see it somewhat of an inconvenience to a lot of people out here," Mark Jenkins shared. "All of our employees here have cards made and all of that will have to be changed. They also will have to go on whatever they use to book clients and change the address of the shop."

On Jan 3, Killeen city council made a motion of direction to poll and engage the businesses on that road for their opinions/concerns and bring it back to the community. It has not yet been brought back by council.

The City of Killeen will be presenting a proclamation to the (soon to be) Fort Cavazos Garrison Commander on Tuesday, May 9 in solidarity with the installation’s re-designation.

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