BEAUMONT, Texas — The owner of a Beaumont RV park says she's been sick to her stomach since her property taxes came in the mail a few weeks ago. 

Sabrina Gann, owner of East Lucas RV Park, says when she opened the invoice, her heart sank.

"When the park was bought 12 years ago, the property tax was a little less than $3,000," said Gann. "They go up every year, which is understandable.

In 2018 her property taxes were $4,763, but this year, they rose  to $21,763 according to records available from the Jefferson County Appraisal District.

That's a 357% increase from the year before.

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"They marked it up, the value of the land from $174,000 to $778,000," said Gann.

From 2015 through 2018 the assessed value of the park rose from $142,470 to $142,920 according appraisal district data.

The assessed value rose from $142,920 in 2018 to $748,780 for 2019, an increase of 357% according to the data.

Gann says nothing has changed on her property, and the park is only at 50% capacity.

12News reached out to the Jefferson County Appraisal District.

The chief appraiser said RV parks are popping up everywhere.

She said RV park owners are charging a lot for rent, so now, the property taxes are based on income.

In the past, they used more of a cost approach.

"The adage of Texas doesn't have an income tax, that's really a lie in terms of your commercial folks," said Executive Director of Texas Association of Campground Owners Brian Schaeffer said. "What we would like to see on the commercial side is caps on the appraisals, on the appraisal value, just the way you have on the residential side," he said.

Gann just wants her problem solved.

She doesn't want to see the RV park she's known and loved for 12 years taken away from her.
"It's my baby. It's everything that I have."