HOUSTON – The Houston Astros are headed to the postseason after clinching their division with a win over the Seattle Mariners Sunday.

Now they’re letting fans get in on the celebration with a 24-hour sale at the team store that went through the night.

From the moment after the Astros clinched their first division title in 16 years, the party’s been going strong here at the team store.

The top sellers?

Not surprisingly: the very same championship shirts and hats the players wore during the celebration.

After racking up runs Sunday afternoon, the Astros spent Monday morning racking up sales.

Fans flocked to the team store before sunrise to be among the first to grab postseason merchandise.

“These are all for me by the way. Kids gotta spend their own money. They’re old enough where they should…actually they should be buying my tickets at this point, don’t ya think?” Bob Walsh, a lifelong fan, said Monday morning.

And after 60 years as an Astros fan, Walsh wanted to make sure he scored postseason tickets for him and his kids.

“I’ve got some health issues. I don’t expect I’ll be around a lot, long time. It’s important,” he said.

All part of a day full of prizes, contests, and just maybe…a few surprises.

“Orbit is scheduled to come in today, we should have an appearance from the Shooting Stars. In 2015 Jose Cruz showed up and signed a few autographs for some folks, so you just never know,” Tom Jennings, Astros VP of Merchandising, said.

So no matter if they’re stocking up for October or getting on jump on Christmas shopping in December…

Fans here are confident the best days are ahead for this team…and their city.

Postseason tickets for the AL Division Series go on sale at noon Monday online, over the phone, and at the Minute Maid Park box office.

The 24-hour sale at the Astros Team Shop goes until 7 p.m.