The number 13 on any day of the week is just another day, unless of course it's an anniversary, birthday, or other day of significance. However, when 13 falls on a Friday, all sorts of negative folklore is associated with it.

And, then there are people who are very superstitious and fearful of any and all things associated with the number 13. There's even a name for this phobia: paraskevidekatriaphobia.

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We say let's turn it around and make it a positive number with these fun, happy ways and shake off the fear of 13.

  1. For 13 minutes go outside and sit somewhere in silence
  2. Draw 13 smiley faces
  3. Put 13 pennies in a jar and make a wish
  4. Tell 13 people you love them before midnight
  5. Give 13 hugs to 13 different people before midnight
  6. Buy some Skittles or jelly beans and only eat 13 of them
  7. Giveaway $1 to 13 random people
  8. Message 13 people on Facebook and tell them to have a great day and wonderful weekend
  9. Make a list of 13 things you're thankful for
  10. Form a Happy 13 Club and get together the 13 of every month, regardless of the day of the week
  11. Text 13 people and tell them to have a good weekend
  12. Read 13 positive quotes from your favorite author
  13. Make one new dish every Friday for 13 weeks