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MONEY MAY: How proper insulation can save you big bucks on heating, cooling bills

Proper attic insulation is one of the best ways to save energy.

BEAUMONT, Texas — If you own or rent a house it's a good time to climb into the attic to check your insulation.

It's 'Money May' and 12News is your home for the tips to help stretch your dollar this month.

Experts say proper insulation can lead to serious savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Proper attic insulation is one of the best ways to save energy. It could save up to 80% of your heating and cooling costs, according to Mark Delavan with Entergy Texas

If you don't have proper attic insulation, more than half of your energy for heating and cooling your home could simply disappear.

Insulation comes in many different forms: you got foam batting, loose-fill, boards, and even foam.

You can add insulation in your attic, in your walls, in your floor, and even around pipes. Another great way to save energy is to seal all the leaks in your AC duct system.

By sealing up the leaks, you're allowing the cold air to get into your rooms rather than escaping into your attic.

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