As many as 25 percent of the people reading this article right now will have their identities compromised this holiday shopping season.

To make matters more complicated, that new chip credit card you recently received in the mail is at risk for a growing type of ID Theft.

Thieves are now extremely advanced when it comes to stealing your credit card number, and ultimately your digital ID. All it takes is a scanner in someone's shopping bag to grab your credit card number from a card that's tucked into your purse or back pocket.

If you're unfamiliar with how Radio Frequency Identity theft occurs, to my amazement our mom tester of the month became a victim last holiday shopping season.

The same type of scanners that allow you to tap your credit card for payment at check-out at a store can easily be purchased by anyone, carried in a nondescript way through stores or malls to scan your credit card numbers from you, from up to 30 feet away!

While there are some great types of card blockers you can put into your wallet, a top-rated defense mechanism is to buy a wallet that is completely protected from RFID scanners.

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