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While you could depend on portable fans to cool you off on those particularly sticky, sweaty nights this summer, there’s a much better solution: the evaSMART Smart Personal Air conditioner. It’s your own personal AC unit that fits on your desk, counter, or bedside table, and can keep you comfortable all summer long.

The evaSMART may be just 7.24 by 8.54 by 8.14 inches, but its size doesn’t determine its power. This little guy packs quite the punch, with outputs up to 1,360 BTUs an hour. With the help of evaporation technology, that’s enough to cool a space up to 43 square feet (4m2) down to a chilly temperature of about 59.3°F (15.2°C).

This tiny device also doubles as a humidifier, so you can keep a room cool as a cucumber, but not bone-dry. In other words, it works hard to make your space as comfortable as possible — on your terms. You get to control the evaSMART straight from your smart home system of choice or directly from your smartphone! Just use the Evapolar app to change the fan speed, humidity, or even the color of the light in its tank. Everything is totally customizable to suit your comfort levels and you can tweak it without even getting up. Is that a dream or what? With all that packed into a pint-sized box, you may even be able to save money on your next electric bill.

Climate control should be in your hands all summer long. Bring the evaSMART Smart Personal Air Conditioner home for just $192 from — 25% off the original price of $256. Choose between sleek white or stormy gray.

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