Whataburger is more than a fast food restaurant in Texas. It's a way of life.

It's more than food, although the food is amazing, it's what the culture of Whataburger inspires other people to do.

We've seen people design Whataburger shoes, brave floodwaters to eat at Whataburger, celebrate birthdays there, ride horses to the drive-thru and in the restaurant. A couple took their engagement photos there. A groom even danced with Whataburger at his wedding.

Just the rumor of a Whataburger-themed James Avery charm trended on social media before the official announcement and subsequent sellout in less than a day on the market.

Ain't nobody in Texas doing that for In-N-Out!


So Texans are understandably frustrated to hear that a Business Insider study says that In-N-Out is the most popular fast food chain in the Lone Star State.

We'd talk about the way the study came up with that conclusion, but y'all already know the truth.

Whataburger is and forever will be king in Texas.