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Personal trainer helps others stay healthy from home during COVID-19 outbreak

There are still plenty of ways to stay fit without even living your living room.

BEAUMONT, Texas — If you're like most people who are social distancing, and you ate all of your quarantine snacks on day one, and the most exercise you've gotten is your thumb clicking the buttons on your remote, don't worry.

Governor Greg Abbott's executive order shut down all the state's gyms for now, b there are still plenty of ways to stay fit without even living your living room.

“Just basic things that keep the blood flowing it will really help during this time, nothing too complicated," said Amanda Kneupper

Kneupper is a personal trainer at World Gym in Beaumont. Although 

She says just because the gym is shut down, doesn't mean you have to, too.

“It’s very important to stay healthy and to exercise because that really helps you with stress and it just your overall well-being," Kneupper said.

Kneupper says one of the best things you can do right now is try your best to make healthy food choices. She understands it's difficult right now to find fresh food, but encourages everyone to keep an eye out for it, and practice portion control. 

"When people are stuck at home there more apt to eating, you know snacking 24/7 so that's why it's just important to keep yourself surrounded by healthy snacks healthy foods so you're less tempted," Kneupper said. 

Kneupper  says you need to try and get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. If you need to split it up and do 15 minutes of a body weight workout, followed by 15 minutes of cardio or a brisk walk, she says that works. 

"There's probably a lot of  Netflix being watched right now and stuff like that so you can definitely like keep yourself moving while you're watching that," Kneupper said.

Even in self-quarantine, Kneupper says you can still get your squats in. She says they focus on your major muscle groups, like your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. You can also do wall squats. Kneupper says you'll want to stand shoulder width apart, with your feet straight ahead. 

“You're going all the way down to 90 degrees and then back up," Kneupper said.

And if you want to get creative, you can even incorporate your kids, heavy books, and even those cans of soup you have stocked up in your pantry. 

Next, Kneupper suggests the Bulgarian split squat. You can use your couch, coffee table, bench, or something similar for this one. You'll simply rest your leg up behind you, and keep your other foot facing straight ahead. 

"When you bend down, your knees are going to be just over your second toe," Kneupper said.

Kneupper says while you're doing this one to focus on squeezing your glutes, and to switch legs and do the same amount on each side. 

While you're already at your couch (or whatever piece of furniture you've chosen) you can also do a great arm workout. Just keep your hands right next to your sides propped up on the furniture with your body hanging off of it nice and straight.

"You're just going to sink down really focusing on pushing up with your triceps," Kneupper said.

If you're looking for a good ab workout, Kneupper has a personal favorite. Just lay down on a flat surface with your legs at a 90 degree angle. 

“What you're going to do is you're just going to lift up like you're going to touch your toes, and you really focus on squeezing those abdominal muscles” Kneupper said.

Kneupper says a great way to work your upper body is by doing your basic push-up. If you need to use your knees, she says that's fine. 

"You're shoulders are going to be lined up just directly above your wrist, and then you're going to go down, up and you keep that belly button in," she said.

Even during these times, Kneupper says it's crucial to get your cardio in.

Try finding a set of stairs to run up and down--or even taking a lap around your neighborhood.

“Get some fresh air 'cause getting some vitamin D is definitely good for your immune system and just your well-being," Kneupper said.

Kneupper says until the gym re-opens, she'll be coming up with some in home workouts for her clients. If you need some motivation or more ideas for workouts, she suggests taking a look at YouTube or Instagram. 

Once the gym re-opens, you can get a free consultation with Kneupper if you're interested in personal training. She's also accessible via her Instagram for the time being.  

"It's very critical that you're healthy especially during this time when we're trying to stay extra healthy that and then it boosts your immune system as well when you exercise," Kneupper said. 

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