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Texas ranked America's third most sinful state, study says

All states are ranked for different sins like lust and vanity. The Lone Star state also placed the top spot for one of the seven most common sins.

TEXAS, USA — A WalletHub study lists Texas as one of the most sinful states in the U.S.

Researchers compared all 50 states under categories based on the Seven Deadly Sins like greed, lust and vanity. Each category came with a different number of metrics that led to the state's overall score.

States were ranked on an overall 100-point scale with 100 being the highest level of sinfulness.

According to the study, Texas is the third most sinful state in the country with a "vice index" of 51.85. Nevada takes the top spot with 57.17 and California is second at 54.07.

Texas has actually changed its ranking in comparison to WalletHub's previous studies. The state was placed second in 2020 and fourth in 2019.

In addition to being the third most sinful, the study puts Texas as the top state committing the sin of lust. The lust category is made up of four metrics per capita, including teen birthrate, adult entertainment and arrests for prostitution and commercialized vice.

The Lone Star State is also ranked in the top 10 states for vanity. That category was based on three metrics. They're related to the number of beauty salons per capita, web searches on plastic surgeries and the money people spend on personal care.

If it makes Texans feel any better, the state is ranked in the lower half of the list when it comes to greed and anger/hatred. Greed was mostly based on gambling activity, like the number of casinos and gambling-related arrests per capita.

Anger & Hatred had a longer list of severe metrics. That includes the amount of violent crimes per capita, road rage, bullying and more.

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Editor's Note: The following video was uploaded in 2020.

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