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Reopening Texas: Galveston County prepares for spring break

Galveston County is preparing for an expected busy spring break since many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

BEAUMONT, Texas — It's like the calm before the storm, when thousands of people are expected to travel to Galveston County for spring break beginning this weekend. 

In search of an escape from reality, tourists have started to flock to Bolivar Peninsula. 

"Just the peace, waves and sun, it's relaxing," Pamela Sweeney said. She said she is visiting from Houston. 

Spring break is all about creating memories with loved ones safely since the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, she said. 

"We still try to be careful about our masks and stuff," Sweeney said. "I still think that should still be in order, I don't think they should have dropped that."

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted and spring break underway, Galveston is a prime destination and local businesses are hoping to cash in. 

"We've had a lot of emotions from thinking that we're gonna be shut down completely down to, okay, business is booming now," Crystal Beach Golf Carts owner Randy Martin said. "We've survived it."

Reservations are coming in from all over the county, which he hopes will make up for last year's losses, he said. 

"I think we will definitely see rebound," Martin said. "I think everyone will see a rebound from last year, and I think that people have learned to vacation differently, they've learned to spend their weekends differently."

Before spring break, the Galveston County Sheriff's Office increased its patrol and opened up a sub station on Bolivar Peninsula to house those who will be arrested. 

"Every year and every major event, we try to evaluate what we can do to improve on next year, and it doesn't have to be the next year," Sheriff Henry  Trochesset said. "What we're gonna learn from today is gonna transfer over to Easter."

Enjoy yourself, but act responsibly, he said. 

"I know your families would rather you get home safe than have to go visit them at a hospital or funeral home," Trochesset said. 

Businesses along the beach still have the right to enforce COVID-19 restrictions and ask customers to leave if they do not comply with their guidelines. 

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