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'Everybody is pretty optimistic' | Austinites share their good news at a Christmas tree lot

Every week, Hank Cavagnaro goes out into the community to ask people to share good news and positivity. This week he went to a Christmas tree lot.

AUSTIN, Texas — With the holiday season, we all like to hear a little more good news nowadays.

This week, I went to the Optimist Club's Christmas tree lot to ask people to share their good news.

"I'm getting my braces off in two days," said Otto Dusck.

"Oh my gosh, yes, we are just overjoyed. We're thoroughly grateful for the success of the lot this year – I mean, having 4,300 trees and almost being sold out just down to a couple hundred left right now, it's overwhelming," said Ronnie Faist, who volunteers at the lot.

"I actually was here yesterday – finally picked out my tree. I know it was getting kind of close to picking up a tree. Everybody is like, 'You don't have your Christmas tree?' I'm like, 'Not yet.' But I get my tree here every year because I love the Optimists, and they held a tree for me – shh, don't tell anybody," said Frances Thompson.

"Why are you so excited to get your braces off?" I asked Dusck. 

"I really like Swedish Fish and stuff like that, but I can't have them anymore," he said. 

"I'm blessed my family is all healthy and they're safe, and we're just looking forward to a productive 2021," said Faist. "It's been a very odd year."

"I bought a tree yesterday for a friend who needed a tree, so yesterday I set it up in the dark, wrapped lights around that. I got it at Goodwill," explained Frances. "So when he got there this morning, he saw the tree, so it was really fun."

"Everybody is pretty optimistic and everybody who comes around the lot is usually very, very, well, happy it's Christmas trees, right?" said Thompson. 

"When people are happy it's infectious," I said to Thompson. 

"It absolutely is. It makes me feel good to share and it makes me feel good when I get the response – that fills my heart," she said.


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