CENTRAL GARDENS, Texas — A 10-year-old lab is back with his family after being rescued from a drainage ditch on Tuesday. 

Buddy had to be rescued from the ditch on 6th Avenue in Central Gardens. 

He appeared to have fallen and injured his leg. 

He'd been missing for more than four days after a storm knocked down a fence at the owner's home. 

Jefferson County deputies were called on Tuesday when neighbors heard barking coming from the ditch.

Officials said the walls of the ditch were nearly vertical, making it impossible for the dog to climb out. 

Deputies used a ladder to reach Buddy and lured him into a cooler with Vienna sausages, so they could lift him out. 

Livestock Deputy Don Metts helped reunite Buddy with his family after the Sheriff's Office shared photos of the dog on Facebook. 

"[His owner] did send me a picture last night of him and Buddy sitting in the chair," Metts said. "He was an older dog and it was a good feeling to get him back home."

Buddy's owner tells us they almost lost hope of finding him before they saw the Facebook post. 

They tell 12News Buddy's life was indeed saved, given their dog was stuck out in the elements without food for days.  

The family says the deputies are welcome to visit Buddy anytime. 

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