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Beaumont mothers in need could soon find free help in upcoming donation-based community store

“All moms should have the opportunity to take pride and clothe their babies as best they can.”

BEAUMONT, Texas — The new year is expected to bring a new opportunity for Beaumont mothers in need to get help for free. 

Rachel Lomas is a Beaumont mother who came up with the idea of Calder Corner Store, a donation-based community store that will help mothers in need.

“The Calder Corner Store is for moms who need items for their babies,” Lomas said. “All moms should have the opportunity to take pride and clothe their babies as best they can.”

The help the store will offer will come at no charge to mothers in need. To make it all possible, Lomas is counting on donations from the Southeast Texas community.

"We see it a lot on the Facebook groups of moms saying, ‘I'm having my baby soon, and I don't have items,’ or, ‘My baby grew out of their clothes,’ or ‘I need diapers,’” Lomas said. “And we just thought this is perfect."

Lomas is partnering with her church, Calder Baptist, to offer the store. Starting January 9, 2023, Lomas plans for Calder Corner Store to open two Mondays a month from 9 a.m. to noon.

“I plan to have it open twice a month, so moms can come by and get things that they need,” Lomas said. “It's perfect for anyone, any income just if you need it, you could come by.”

Lomas is asking for donations from the community. Items such as diapers, baby formula, toys, clothing, and anything that is in good condition are welcome.

"What I receive is what I can give,” Lomas said.

The store will only be open twice a month, but volunteers can drop off donations at any time.

“If you want to donate, you would just buzz in,” Lomas said. “You could just drop it off at the sharing barrel which you will pass walking towards the office.”

All donations go directly to mothers with new babies.

"If you have maybe an Amazon subscribe and save you can get a monthly thing going, I would appreciate that so much,” Lomas said. “Or maybe every time you stop at Sam's Club. You could pick up some diapers. Anything you could donate is perfect."

Lomas said she expects diapers to be in high demand and the first things to go.

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