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Making, not breaking your New Year's resolution

New Year's resolutions are often about more fitness and less indulgence but a local fitness expert says a resolution should start with determination and discipline.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Christmas usually signals the end of the year is fast approaching. So you might be thinking about the changes you want to make in 2023.

New Year's resolutions are often about more fitness and less indulgence but fitness expert Deandre Gaston says a New Year's resolution should start with determination and discipline.

Gaston says your plans to get healthy and make lifestyle changes won't last long, if you haven't created an environment where they are supported.

“It's about Purpose, it's about doing what you were born to do,” said Gaston.

The Grynd House Fitness Center owner went on to say your new year resolution should be to become better version of yourself.

"Before you do anything, you have to put together a plan in order to create an environment that's going to keep you in the mindset of sticking to whatever that goal or resolution is,” Gaston advised.

He says before you try to build the muscle, build a consistent routine.

Gaston explained, “The most important thing to build in your fitness journey is the habit of exercise and good nutrition."

The fitness trainer said good habits should start when you're young. This year, Gaston created the Grynd House Fitness Center to give children a place to be healthy and reach their goals.

Sanford Stewark has set the goal to become a professional boxer and says Gaston helped him gain control of his emotions. He says that got him to the next level of his fitness journey.

"He actually helped me to pass my limit and to push myself,” said Stewark.

Another young Go Tyme Grynd student, Landen Peno, said an environment of dedicated athletes has pushed him to reach his goals as a soccer athlete.

"It feels like your not the only one trying to get better, it feels like the people around you are trying to, too. So, its like a good environment for everybody to be in,” said Peno.

Gaston says kids deserve to start building good, healthy habits while they're young, like eating right and exercising because these habits are harder to learn when you're older.

“We don't want our children to go through the same thing, we want to build them up grounded and rooted in productive activities. And by giving them that, we are giving them the world,” said Gaston.

The Grynd House Fitness Center is located at 3403 Monroe Street and offers five different classes. Including hip hop dance, boxing and full body fitness classes. The classes are built around having fun with your fitness. Gaston says he plans to add virtual reality to his training at the start of the new year.

Gaston expressed if you plan to get fit in the new year, you should try it with a community. He says that could be by forming an accountability group, joining a fitness class, or even getting a personal trainer. Gaston says this helps create an environment that best suits your goals.


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