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A whale of a sight! World's largest fish spotted near Texas coast

The biggest fish in the world was recently spotted just 6 miles off the Texas coast.

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — An unbelievable sight was seen just a few miles off the Texas coast.

The crew on a deep-sea fishing charter pulled up next to a whale shark that was swimming close to the surface.

Alexus Broome and Addison Smith, with Gulf Magic Fishing, said they were fishing 6 miles off the coast of Port Aransas when they saw a large dark spot swimming below the surface of the water.

The pair said it took them a minute to figure out what it was, but when they did, they grabbed their cameras to get some incredible video.

Whale sharks are most commonly found off the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Thailand, South America and Australia.

Broome and Smith said they can't believe how close this one was to the Texas shore -- in such shallow water.

"Those things get to 40 foot. And this was a juvenile so it was probably something around 20 to 25 foot," Broome said.

"It was a bucket list item, or bucket list species, to see offshore. We were both freaking out when we saw it and it’s still crazy to think we saw it," Smith said.

They said the world's largest fish only stayed close to the surface for about a minute before it dove deeper.

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