BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas — It’s unusual to see an alligator at the beach, but it’s not unheard of.

Over the weekend, David and Melony Cartlidge captured an alligator at the beach on the Bolivar Peninsula. They saw it sunning, then disappearing into the waves.  They captured it on video.

This is the second time someone has sent us video of a gator at the beach.  Back in May a gator was spotted at Jamaica Beach

Back then, we looked into it and were told by Steve Lightfoot with Texas Parks and Wildlife that it’s not uncommon to see them on beaches after lots of rain.

“We saw that a lot after Harvey and storms,” he told us for our story in May. “They’ll typically go down to the beach area to get into the saltwater to get rid of the bacteria.”

Lightfoot says it’s very short-term and they’ll go back to the marshy areas and lakes that they’re typically found in.