SEATTLE — Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma is home to over 360 different animal species. Over the past few months, they have welcomed several new babies including a baby Tamandua and a baby Tapir -- the zoo's first in their 114-year history! 

The zoo also welcomed a beaver kit named Butternut four months ago. She now weighs 14 lbs., about a third of the size she will be when she's fully grown. 

The kit's feet a webbed -- great for swimming, and she uses her tail like a rudder for steering in the water. 

Beavers don't have great eyesight, so Butternut relies mostly on her hearing and sense of smell for understanding her surroundings. 

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The zoo's Jessica Sutherland also introduced us to Scooter the armadillo and a rhino iguana on today's show. 

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