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Experts share tips on how to properly care for animals during the summertime

Beaumont Animal Care received about five calls in the past month about animals being left in cars.

BEAUMONT, Texas — As temperatures begin to rise, area animal experts are encouraging pet owners to take the necessary steps to keep their animals safe. 

Animal experts said a lot of times pet owners think their pets are stronger and sturdier than they are, but that is not always the case. High temperatures can be just as dangerous for animals as they are for humans.

“We have to keep in mind that it's hot outside,” Viviana Lopez with Beaumont Animal Care said.

There are steps pet owners can take to prevent their animals from getting overheated. One thing Lopez suggests people do is stick to early morning or late evening walks for their animals. 

“So always make sure you're limiting their exercise time in the heat,” Lopez said. “Make sure they have access to lots of cool water and somewhere shady to lay.”

Lopez believes animals should not be left alone in cars. She said Beaumont Animal Care received about five calls in the past month about animals being left in cars. 

“So if you're planning on running an errand, I think it's best to definitely just leave your pets at home,” Lopez said.

The same heat-related illnesses that affect humans can affect an animal.

“If your dog or cat is drooling excessively, if they're starting to act really weak or lethargic, if they're starting to stumble around, and if depending on how bad it is the dog could start having seizures,” Lopez said.

If a pet does get overheated, Lopez said ice should not be used to lower their temperature.

“The best thing to do is give them a bowl of cool water to drink," Lopez said. "Let them start re-hydrating, and you can also get soaked cotton balls in alcohol and start rubbing that on their paw pads." 

Lopez said it is important for animal lovers to know the dos and don'ts when caring for pets during the summertime.

“It’s something so preventable, that it's always hard whenever you do see something like that happen such a frequent common mistake, and it's 100% preventable,” Lopez said.

Other ways to prevent pets from getting overheated is to make sure they are in a shaded area with cool and clean water.

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