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Watch: From cool sprays to sweet summertime treats, Houston Zoo helps animals stay cool

The expression on this tortoise's face says it all as zookeepers work to help the animals beat the heat.

HOUSTON — Animals at the Houston Zoo got extra TLC this week as zookeepers worked to keep them cool during our latest heat wave. 

With triple digit heat several days in a row, the animal care team pulled out all the stops -- and the water hoses -- to cool them down. 

The sea lions, dingoes and goats got tubs of ice and frozen treats. Some animals chomped on the ice while the sea lions also pushed some of it into their pool before taking a dip. One dingo even climbed right into the tub for a refreshing ice bath. 

Those sea lions and tortoises were also sprayed down by members of the animal care team. On video, one relieved tortoise clearly enjoyed the cool spray from the water hose. 

The elephants spent a lot of time in their pool and the pygmy hippos were happy to do the same while enjoying cantaloupe. 

Sweet summertime treats were also on the menu for the capybara pups that swam across their pond to munch on corn on the cob.  

Most of the animal species are from warm weather regions and can withstand Houston’s hot temperatures, according to the Zoo. When it gets to be too much, they can head indoors to cool off.

WATCH: How Zoo is keeping animals cool

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