LEAGUE CITY, Texas — Editor's note: The videos in this article are about 15 dogs that were rescued from a dog-fighting ring in Grimes County.

In March 2019, Michael Tewell and his wife got into an argument at their League City home.

During the argument, Tewell's wife said the family's dog, Diesel, started barking and growling at her husband in her defense.

Tewell then started punching Diesel in the face and went to a bedroom and grabbed a pocketknife. He then attacked the dog and stabbed it in its face and neck several times.

Tewell's wife then broke a glass over her husband's head to stop him from stabbing the dog.

Diesel was treated for stab wounds to his neck, lower lip and face. He was taken to the League City Animal Clinic, where he was treated by Dr. Thomas Huber. Huber testified that Diesel was in shock when he arrived at the clinic, but he was able to stabilize him. Huber took care of Diesel while the case was pending and testified that the dog is "a loving, peaceful dog who has not tried to bite anyone in the nearly one year since the attack."

Tewell testified in his own defense and said he stabbed Diesel in self-defense. Tewell said Diesel bit him one time, on his hand. Investigators said the wounds on Tewell's hand were "offensive" wounds from punching the dog, not from a bite.

In the past, Tewell pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife and also was charged with driving while intoxicated twice. On the day of the attack against Diesel, officers said they smelled a strong odor of alcohol on Tewell's breath.

Diesel is a 50-pound mixed breed and will be at the League City Animal Shelter until he is put up for adoption. If you're interested in adopting him or another animal in need, call 281-554-1377.

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