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Bridge City animal shelter running out of options, could be forced to euthanize some dogs

"We try very hard to be a no-kill shelter."

BRIDGE CITY, Texas — Those working at a Bridge City animal shelter are running out of options and trying their best to save the lives of all the animals in the facility.

The animal shelter in Bridge City is at maximum capacity and 10 dogs are at risk of being euthanized. Those working for the shelter are pleading with the community to come forward and either adopt or shelter a pet.

The recent push to find homes for the animals have led to rumors circulating on social media.

Shelter employees want to set the record straight. While they are not putting all the dogs down, they will be forced to euthanize some of them if there are no new adoptions by Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

"We try very hard to be a no-kill shelter,” Daniel James, chief operator at the Bridge City wastewater plant, said. “Unfortunately, sometimes that's not an option for us, but we do everything we can to get them either adopted out or transferred to a no-kill facility."

The wastewater plant is located next to the shelter. 

James will be on paternity leave for the next five weeks, so his men will have to step in. The animal control officer wants to make it clear that they are pushing to get as many dogs as possible adopted before it is too late.

"We are going to be temporary ACOs for the next couple of weeks to make sure the animals are well taken care of,” James said.

Luckily, one of the dogs was adopted into a new loving home Friday.

“My son and I named her Lagniappe because she got that little bit extra,” Nancy Quinn said. "And daddy said, ‘Well since Monday should've been her last day, we'll name her Lagniappe Monday.' She got some extra Mondays."

Lagniappe is a Cajun term meaning "a little extra."

Before adopting Lagniappe, Quinn did not know what fate she was saving her from or what the dogs still at the shelter are now facing.  

“I wish I could go back and get them all,” Quinn said.

Before Friday’s adoption, the last adoption the Bridge City shelter had was three months ago.

Nine of the 10 dogs in the pound are still up for adoption. If they are not adopted by Tuesday, the shelter will have to make some tough decisions and put down some of their animals.

As the shelter remains at maxed capacity, the calls to bring new dogs in keep coming in.

"Sometimes we get adoptions, and it seems like as soon as we do we're right back to pick one up it's sad but true,” James said.

They are pleading with the community to open their hearts and homes to a little extra love.

"All they want is somebody to love and a place to belong, someplace warm, and something to eat when they're hungry," Quinn said. 

The shelter will be closed Monday for President's Day, so Tuesday will be the last day to save some of these animals. The shelter will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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