A Tall Ship is down at the docks at Riverfront Park in Beaumont. The crew of the Amara Zee have anchors and are setting up for their final two performances in the U.S. They will perform The Monarch Tempest. A story about Monarch butterflies forced to migrate due to Climate Change.

The shows producer says audience member's can expect a show unlike anything they have ever seen.

"It's multidisciplinary in that it has aerial artistry which is like circus skills, the actors are singing, acting, there is comedy, there is video artistry and that gets projected on by a large projector so there is different images throughout the piece so there is images during the whole show," explains Adrianna Kelder, show producer and first mate.

Kirby and Kelder hope people will come join in on the fun and watch their hard work put into action.

"The music is very good...If you sit further away you see the bigger picture, you see the video, the work our videographer has created for this piece specifically."

"Come see the show because we are off after this, we are not coming back to the Unites States."

The crew's next stop, Canada.