A 100-year-old Beaumont woman has been recognized by TexanPlus and the Houston Astros as one of the top volunteers in the state.

Tonight Connie Dickinson needs your vote as she tries to win $25,000 for her volunteer organization.

It took over a century but on Thursday night Dickinson was introduced at home plate during a Houston Astros game.

"I went over to Houston but, it was so much," she said.

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She may say she was nervous but it was just another day in the life for this 100-year-old Calder Woods resident.

She's never shy around a camera and this time she's been considered a champion volunteer, representing the Golden Triangle RSVP organization.

"Volunteering has meant more to me than anything in my life. It's meeting people, getting out, because if you don't get out and meet people, then you kind of stagnate," she told 12News.

Each Saturday morning, Dickinson drives to Baptist Hospital, where she greets and visits with people in the lobby.

"we just sit and talk for a few minutes and I enjoy that, I'll miss it when I quit," she says.

When asked when she may have to quit she replies, "you know after 100, and I'll soon be 101, you're going to have to quit pretty soon."

Dickinson's older sister, who is 103, still drives and is still going strong like her "little sister," lives in their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

We don't see it happening any time soon with her seemingly incredible genes and active lifestyle.

"I hope they get the 25,000 dollars, it's not for me, it's for them," she says modestly.

Dickinson has our vote.