As school gets started up again, every family could use some simple, healthy weeknight meals. Chef Christie Maggi from Dierbergs is here to help!

Chef Christie has four ideas to share, all using rotisserie chicken. Dierbergs has fresh smoked or rotisserie chickens in store every single day.

For day one, she suggests just taking the chicken as is, getting some of Dierbergs easy sides to pop in the microwave or the oven, and you’re done!

The next night, take whatever leftover chicken you have left and make a simple TexMex salad. All you need is lettuce, cherry tomatoes, black beans, whatever other toppings you might want and add the chicken and dressing. Chef Christie used a cilantro lime dressing.

Another idea is to take a pre-made pizza crust, top it with marinara, pesto, Alfredo, BBQ or pizza sauce, then just top with cheese and chicken.

Finally, take a simple pasta, add some shredded chicken and any kind of pesto or sauce you might like. Chef Christie used sun dried tomatoes and cheese.

Dierbergs has 25 locations in the area, and you can get more information and inspiration online at, look at their Facebook Page, or call 636-532-8884.