BEAUMONT, Texas — Before the Mardi Gras festivities kick off this weekend, dozens of crew members are hard at work around the Event Centre, setting up for Beaumont's first Mardi Gras Southeast Texas. 

"Mardi Gras Southeast Texas has gone on for has gone on for 27 years and we want this to be their best year," said Beaumont director of event facilities Emily Wheeler.

On Monday, crews unloaded several trucks setting up decor, fencing and installing electricity, among other things, around the event centre.

"Our department with the city is very capable as we've done so many large scale events for the city of Beaumont and we're really excited to have Mardi Gras Southeast Texas here," Wheeler said. 

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She say's there are several agencies involved. Mardi Gras Southeast Texas chairman Tim Romero shares the excitement. 

He believes the new location will make a difference. 

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"It's a well kept up downtown lighted, lots of stuff going on, safe. We just feel like it's the perfect environment to take Mardi Gras to the next level and we wanna do that," Romero said. 

The weekend's activities will include carnival games, music, food and hot air balloons.

As the clock ticks down to Thursday, organizers hope that this becomes the start of something special. 

Romero is hoping the location will attract more visitors off of the interstate. 

"We're excited about coming to Beaumont, we're excited about the possibilities, we hope that everybody and enjoy it with us," Romero said. 

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