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If they could turn back time, Houston couple would rewind their meeting with music icon Cher

Celebrities are used to having fans take their photos, and some even approach them for selfies. But it was Cher asking a Houston couple if she could snap their pic.

HOUSTON — A Houston couple would like to turn back time so they could snap a selfie with Cher

The music icon was in Houston on Monday. She was incognito, masked up and not dressed up in one of her signature sparkly looks. The legendary performer  tweeted that she spotted a couple in River Oaks and asked to take their photo. The couple said sure. They had so idea it was Cher.

“Honestly, coming out of the restaurant, you don’t expect to meet any celebrities let alone Cher,’ said Tehran Stokes after his Monday date night with girlfriend Syndie Germain. He planned an evening of surprises for Germain, a food and lifestyle vlogger who was celebrating her 29th birthday Monday.

“I was focused on her and she was focused, and she was focused on getting a good picture,” said Stokes of the photos taken outside a River Oaks shopping center after dinner at MAD restaurant on Westheimer.

As the couple snapped photos, a woman approached them. Germain said it appeared as if she was walking away from IPic, a movie theater in the same shopping center. From a distance, the woman said, “Something along the lines of 'Can I take a photo of you?' or 'Do you want a photo?' or 'Can I take your picture?'"

Germain, a social media content creator, said absolutely. 

“She’s covered up. She’s distant, mask on and was struggling to take those photos,” Germain said. So she volunteered Stokes to help her get the shot.

“She was trying to get the camera, not to take a selfie but to flip over so it could take a picture of us,” Stokes said. They said the whole interaction happened in less than a minute. 

“She took the photo and disappeared,” Germain said.

A few moments later, the couple said a man approached them and told them they had just had their photo taken by Cher on Cher’s cellphone. 

Video taken by Germain at that time captured Stokes’ confusion. You can hear the boyfriend saying, "Cher? Like Cher, Cher?!"

His confusion was cleared up the next day on Twitter.

Monday night at 9:10 p.m. Cher tweeted: 

Just saw West Side Story. Cast is Amazing…. Rita Moreno Broke My Heart…. Her {star emoji} still shines.

Tuesday, Cher tweeted a photo of Germain and Stokes with the caption: 

"When we were coming out of movie I saw beautiful Couple. He Was taking Her pic….She had flowers I said … can I take your Pic," Cher tweeted. "...Had my mask on so they didn’t Know Who I was. MAYBE Just a crazy woman.. THAT ME"

The musical performer has nearly 4 million followers on Twitter. As of the publication of this article, the photo of Germain and Stokes has been liked nearly 125,000 times and retweeted more than 7,000 times.

If the couple could turn back time, they’d ask Cher to be in the photo with them.

“I want to thank Cher because that was definitely a memorable birthday that I’ll never forget,” Germain said. The vlogger said she also learned a lesson from the legend about taking the time, “to just really look outward and enjoy beauty in other things and other people.” Because you never know whose attention you might grab.