Ralph Northam wins Virginia governor race

Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia's hard-fought race for governor.

Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia's hard-fought race for governor.

Northam, who is currently the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, previously served in the Virginia State Senate representing the 6th district which includes Virginia's eastern shore and parts of Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Northam is a pediatric neurologist and from 1984 to 1992 he was a United States Army physician. He served during the Gulf War and treated soldiers wounded during Desert Storm.

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Northam was born and raised in Virginia.

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He ran against Ed Gillespie, the former chair of the Republican National Committee. He owns a bi-partisan lobbying firm. He is once served as counselor to former President George W. Bush. He was also an advisor for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in 2012.

Virginia is one of only two states electing a new governor this year, and the contest is viewed by many as an early referendum on President Donald Trump's political popularity.

Democrats are eager to prove they can harness anti-Trump energy into success at the polls, while Republicans are looking to show they have a winning blueprint in a blue-leaning state.

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