Chappell, Bradley will face each other in runoff to get on November ballot for 172nd District Judge

Chappell led the primary election with just under 44% of the total votes while Bradley received about 36 percent of the total votes.

Two Jefferson County attorneys are headed to a runoff to see who will face the Republican candidate for 172nd District Court Judge in November.

Melody Chappell and Tina Bradley will go head to head in a runoff election on May 22, 2018, just over two weeks after the primary election. Early voting for the runoff will begin May 14.

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Chappell lead the primary election with just under 44 percent of the total votes while Bradley received about 36 percent of the total votes.

Because Chappell did not receive more than 50 percent of the votes in the three-way race in the Democratic primary the runoff is automatically triggered.

The third candidate, Kent Johns, was eliminated after only receiving 20.5 percent of the total votes.

Late Wednesday afternoon Johns was endorsed by Johns.

"I endorse her I wish her well and I will support her in anyway possible and help her anyway I can. I think she has an excellent chance of winning the runoff," Johns told 12News.

Bradley, who has handled several personal injury and toxic tort cases as an attorney, says her strategy will be to convince more Republicans to vote for her.

“I’m glad there were so many people that were open minded and listened to me and my experience and were willing to vote in the Democratic primary and they can continue to vote for me in the runoff," Bradley told 12News.

Chappell, a former BISD attorney who says she plans on focusing on her party, could become the first African-American woman to become a judge in Jefferson County if she wins the runoff and the November election.

“I’m not asking anyone to vote for me because I’m African-American. I’m not asking anyone to vote for me because I’m a woman. I’m qualified for this seat and I, like many, believe in diversity because without diversity you don’t have changes,” Chappell told 12News.

The winner of the runoff election will face attorney and Beaumont Independent School District Board Manager Mitch Templeton on Tuesday November 6, 2018.

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"I'm going to hit anywhere and everywhere I can to hit any vote I can," said Bradley.