Vidor Star Student hopes to shape minds of younger generation as a teacher someday

Sabrina Crites is not letting the affects of Harvey keep her from her passion of teaching. The senior hopes to one day mold the minds of the younger generation and teach everyone that the greatest lesson in life is to be kind.

VIDOR, TX -- The start to Sabrina Crites' senior year did not go according to plan, all thanks to Harvey. The storm caused delay's at each campus of Vidor I.S.D.

"It was a bit chaotic, I was kind of sad because I was really looking forward to my field sites. They were my favorite thing last year."

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This inspiring senior is not letting the chaos from the storm stop her from doing what she loves which is teaching. Sabrina is part of a field site class called "Ready Set Teach." The class allows students to go in to classrooms across the district to help teachers.

"It's where I go to younger grades and teach their class. I grew up with a bunch of little kids around on my dad's side of the family and then i ended up babysitting a lot of them and my mom was like you might as well join the Ready Set Teach class cause you're so bossy and I was like okay."

Being a model students, Sabrina has been off assistant Principal Jason Frugio's radar for the past two year, which he says is a good thing.

"I started with this group when they were sohpomores and I probably didnt hear her name at which was probably good because she did not get in trouble. But last year I started hearing her name because she was so helpful."

It's ambition and dedication that push this teen to be the best she can be. Sabrina hopes that one day she can teach everyone life's greatest lesson -- be kind to others.

"I've understood being not the learner student but the person who doesn't have all the people around them or they need a friend to sit with at lunch and i try to be that person for them because I have felt that way before. I just try really hard to help everyone I can."

A great inspiration to us all.