One Good Thing: Sadie the Dog

On her first night with her new family, Sadie alerted them when a 2-year -ld boy's blood sugar dropped dangerously low

Today's One Good Thing is a dog that needed a family. And a family that - while they may not have known it at the time - really needed a dog.

This is Sadie. Kathy Hines was trying to find her a home for about two weeks in early December. because her elderly owner was moving and couldn't take. Well, Kathy found her a home. And on her very first night there, she probably saved a young boy's life. That 2-year-old boy's blood sugar dropped to a dangerous level while he was sleeping. Sadie started barking. Woke up the boy's mom. Who then was able to get him the care he deserved. She says he could have died. Kathy says it was a Christmas miracle.

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Sure sounds that way. I say it all the time: animals just know. Sadie gets today's One Good Thing - which, I believe, marks the first time it's gone to a dog! And, Kathy - thanks for getting Sadie a home, and letting us know about her.