Crime Stoppers and family offer $100k reward leading to woman's killer

PEARLAND, Texas - Crime Stoppers of Houston and a Pearland family are offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the murder of Valerie Young, 59, who was killed just days before Christmas.

Her son, Greg Young, says investigators have ruled out family and close friends as suspects and now worries the case is going cold.

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“It just doesn't make any sense,” said Greg Young. “She always took care of us. She was always there for us. What brought this anger over somebody to commit this hateful act?”

Valerie Young was found by her husband on the morning of December 23, 2017. According to Greg, his dad pulled up to the home on the 1500 block of Roy Road, saw an open gate and an open garage and he knew something wasn’t right.

“He started looking for my mom saying, ‘Valerie, Valerie, Valerie’, he went out to the garage… and looked through the door and saw my mom laying there.” Young said.

He says his mom was shot dead on the floor near her car. The driver and passenger side doors were ajar and the trunk was open.

“The phone call I got from my dad that morning… it won't ever be a phone call I forget.” said Young.

Investigators believe Valerie was killed on December 22nd, a day before her body was found. So far, there is no known motive.

“She never created enemies. That just wasn't mom.” he said.

Greg says the day she was killed, Valerie called family after getting home from the bank, concerned because a door that she thought she’d closed was open. Greg says his father searched the home and nothing else seemed odd.

Family also says Valerie’s purse and cell phone were gone and have yet to be found.

Young hopes the new $105,000 reward will loosen someone’s lips so he and his family can get some answers.

“We all want to know why? Why would you do this? Why did she deserve it? What did you gain from it?” he said.

Anyone with information about this case should call Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS.