What-A-Woman is the best of the Hobby Lobby Challenge

What-A-Woman is back as she takes on the Hobby Lobby Challenge with epic results.

Have you heard of the Hobby Lobby Challenge? It’s the latest social media craze in which you take glamour shots framed to look like you’re in a beautiful outdoor garden paradise, only to later show that you’re just standing in the artificial flower aisle at Hobby Lobby.

JG Photography Studios has taken this concept to its logical conclusion, with a Hobby Lobby Challenge entry unlikely to be topped as they dressed 3-year-old Ashlynn in a Whataburger-inspired Wonder Woman outfit and made her look like she’s the daughter of Princess Diana of Themyscira.

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Check out the photos courtesy of JG Photography.

We previously covered a JG Photography photoshoot featuring Ashlynn when she first showed off her What-A-Woman outift made by Veronica Jaquez of Victoria, Texas.

We can’t wait to see what she’ll get up to next!