Eric Brill - Meteorologist

Eric Brill is a Weekend Meteorologist.

12News Weekend Meteorologist Eric Brill's love for weather began at the age of seven in Hershey, Pennsylvania during a family trip.

When the weather didn’t allow a trip to Hershey Park The Weather Channel was put on the TV. Brill became extremely interested with the different maps and colors that were on the television, and his love for weather began. He began at 12News in June 2016.

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Brill grew up on Long Island, New York, and graduated from Sachem High School East.

He pursued a degree in meteorology at Plymouth State University, at the base of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

While attending Plymouth State, some of the classes that he took included Calculus 3, Different Equations, Atmospheric Physics, and Thermodynamics.

Upon taking the last final he completed in college, Brill made sure to take a minute before handing in his test, and told the professor “Give me a minute, I have to take this moment in. This is the smartest I will ever be in life!”

In school Brill was President of the American Meteorological Society club, sports editor of the school newspaper, manager of the women’s lacrosse team and played intramural sports.

He received his degree from Plymouth State University in May of 2015.

After freelancing in New York, he began his broadcast meteorology in October 2015 in Bismarck, North Dakota.

While in Bismarck Brill covered things such as extreme temperatures, with high temperatures ranging from -8° to 102°, tornadoes, including calling an EF-3 tornado minutes before the National Weather Service and dangerous wind chills all the way down to -53°.

North Dakota's widely varied weather allowed Brill to diversify his weather background and forecast.

The weather stayed pretty tame during the first few months after Brill moved to Southeast Texas in the summer of 2016.

The potential of covering a hurricane was one of the main reasons Brill decided to move to Southeast Texas.

After August 2017 rolled around and Harvey continued to drop rain on Southeast Texas Brill noted that he never ever wanted to go through a hurricane again.

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Since moving to Southeast Texas he has covered, forecasted and broadcasted multiple tornado outbreaks, multiple winter weather events and numerous tropical cyclones.

Brill's hobbies include skiing, though he says “It’s tough to do that in Southeast Texas," visiting and exploring new places, and being involved with sports.