Woman's dog mauled by same pit bulls who killed boy

Woman's dog mauled by same pit bulls who killed boy

A Vidor woman said the same dogs who killed a 5-year-old boy in Orange County Sunday viciously mauled her puppy last year. This comes after 12News reported Monday night that the two pit bulls attacked a little girl and her mom.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office did confirm the little girl was bitten by the two pit bulls.

Neighbors have called us saying pets were mauled, such Rocko, who belongs to Jessie Moore. He has his canine tooth permanently deformed, because the pit bulls that killed Tanner Smith Sunday attacked the dog in March of last year.

She had him chained next to her neighbor's fence, the neighbor who owned the two pits, when she said they dragged him underneath.

"They had him half way under the fence,” said Moore. “Both of the dogs had him by his face. And they have one of those electric fences across the bottom, and they were pulling him under the fence.”

She said she is still paying vet bills for injuries to Rocko's face and ears.

"It was like a blood bath out there, just attacking each other,” said Moore.

She is angry officers didn't give the pit bull owner a warning.

"I’m mad because I think that the police officers would have done something when we called them,” said Moore. “It could have been avoided. They could have done something about these dogs a long time ago."

However, the sheriff's office found neither owner was at fault, because the pit bulls did not fully cross the fence separating the two properties.

But they do say Moore should not have tied her dog so close to the fence.

Moore has since moved her dog farther away but said pit bulls are the problem.

"To me it's not how you're raised,” said Moore. “It's the breed. You don't hear cocker spaniels attacking and killing a kid you know. I just. I'm mad."

Today we tried to get in contact with the owner of the pit bulls that have since been put down, but a fence barred us from knocking on his door.

We also reached out to his co-workers and neighbors, but they did not have any comment.


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