Wendy Davis brings Governor campaign to SETX

This year Texans will voteto put a new Governor in office for the first time in over a decade. Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis willface off against Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott in November.

Sen. Davis addressed a crowded room atthe IBEW in Beaumont on Friday where she focused mainly on her fight for"Equal Work, Equal Pay" in Texas.

"It is a common senselaw that would ensure that a woman is paid the same as a man when she doesequal work," Davis said.

Sen. Davis gained notoriety forfilibustering a Texas abortion bill lastsummer. A bill Gov.. Rick Perry passed into law, that caused the recent closure of Whole Woman's Health in Beaumont.

Davis said that's one of the things she would change if elected.

"For many women they won't have theability and opportunity to afford access to a clinic far away," she said, "My concern ofcourse is that we return once again to a day that we once knew in this countrywhere women's health is put at risk as a consequence."

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate also criticized her opponent, saying that since 2005, Abbott has acceptedtwo pay raises, which increased his salary 62 percent while fightingagainst equal pay in court.

Attorney General Abbott's campaign communications director, Matt Hirsch, released a statement to 12 News in response to Davis' visit.

"Theresidents of Beaumont deserve an explanation from Sen. Davis on why shecontinues to line her pockets at the Texas' taxpayers expense," Hirsch said, "and why she broke thepromise she made more than five months ago to stop representing public sectorlegal clients."

Sen. Davis said she plans topass a state version of the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which would allow Texas women to file a lawsuit against acompany committing wage-discrimination in state court, instead of federal.


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