Victims' family members describe horrific scene of children witnessing homicides

Anguish is what Jennifer Fontenot is feeling since her husband was gunned down, but she's also in pain for her children, who have not been able to sleep since witnessing a real life nightmare, their father's violent death.

Fontenot's common-law husband was 28-year-old MacGarrett Jack.  They lived with their three children in a home on Prairie Avenue, which became a crime scene Thursday night.

Fontenot was not home, but the children ages 1, 5 and 6 were, when the shooting started claiming the lives of Jack, Fontenot's uncle 62-year-old Preston Wilson and her cousin, 29-year-old Joshua Caesar.

About her husband's shooting, Fontenot told us, "They killed him in front of my children."

Fontenot says her six-year-old daughter saw someone in the yard with a gun, and went to warn her father, who was under the carport with six other men playing dominoes.  Someone pushed the girl back inside the house.

The girl locked herself and her younger sister and brother in the bathroom.  At one point, someone went inside and asked them to come out, but they stayed in the bathroom until police arrived.

Fontenot says her daughter then went to check on her dad.  She pleaded with him, "Please Daddy, come in the house and play dominoes."

But he was dead.

Fontenot says her son says since the shooting her son has said he sees his dad as a ghost and has been unable to sleep.

Jack's sister, Jacklynn, is asking the community to help find her brother's killer.  She told us, "We are praying for justice, we are praying if anybody knows anything, come forward."

Funeral arrangements are pending, since the men's bodies are still in the Jefferson County Morgue awaiting autopsies Saturday.


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