Unemployed Southeast Texans attend career fair

Twenty-five companies from around the area and Southwest Louisiana gathered at the Beaumont Civic Center Tuesday looking to hire new employees.

It's been over a year since Eva Eddins has had a job after being laid off in July of 2011.

"You're working at a job and you just lose that job and not only the job but the friends and the people you've grown to know," said Eddins.

But the Southeast Texas career fair has given Eddins some hope.

"I found a few things here. They told me to turn in my resume and leave an application with them."

After the first 45 minutes about 500 job seekers filed into the Beaumont Civic Center but how did they prepare for the job they want?

"I got my credentials together and made sure I got plenty of rest," said one job seeker.

"You come to impress, you dress to impress," said a man looking for work.

"I basically interviewed myself, mock interviews. A lot of trial and preparation," said recent college graduate John Mitchell.

Mitchell has only been on the job search for a short time but he makes sure to take advantage of every opportunity he comes by.

"Mentally prepare myself to come get the job and being able to speak to people and take questions, analyze them and be able to give an answer that's actually in-depth," said Mitchell.

For others even having to come to a job fair is a hard thing to do.

"It's humiliating," said Steven Kaufman who has been out of work for over a year and has been struggling to make ends meet ever since.

"My mortgage is overdue," said Kaufman. "Everything you can imagine without an income is what I'm in head on."

But after making his rounds, handing out his resume, and completing applications Kaufman says things are looking up.

There were more than 1,500 job seekers who traveled from booth to booth throughout the day handing out resumes and applying for jobs.

And organizers tell us at least two companies hired people they met at the fair on Tuesday.


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