Tropical Tip 10: Keep gas tanks full

Your final tropical tip will prevent you from getting stranded on the highway during an evacuation.  Do not wait until the last minute to fill up on gas.  If you wait even a day or two before you have to leave, it is likely many gas stations will already be out of fuel.  Any station still pumping gas will likely be overwhelmed with last minute drivers.  It is best to fill up several days before a storm is even a possible threat to your hometown.

Make sure to also fill one or two gas tanks so they can be stored in your trunk during an evacuation.  Check the spout to make sure it is long enough to reach your gas tank from the outside.  If it's not, bring a funnel with you.  As long as the gas tanks are properly sealed, there should not be any problems, but it still might be a good idea to open your trunk ever so often to prevent any build up of fumes.  Do this whenever you arrive at a rest stop or your final destination.


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