Texas author shares advice on "Eating Expectantly"

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Moms to be are familiar with the phrase "eating for two," but registered dietitian and author Bridget Swinney said that age-old concept is potentially dangerous to mom and baby.

Swinney explained, "You only get one chance to make a healthy baby, so you really need to make every bite count."

Swinney grew up in Sharpstown and is now living in El Paso where she penned her new book "Eating Expectantly: Practical Advise for Healthy Eating Before, During and After Pregnancy."

One of her superfoods of choice: antioxidant-rich berries, which go great with yogurts, booking digestive and immune health while lowering the risk of pre-eclampsia.

Swinney added, "The lowest sugar, the better. I really like Greek yogurt because it's higher in protein and it's generally fat free."

Swinney also encourages moms to load up on spinach, which is packed with vitamins A and K, plus lutein which improves baby's brain and eye health.

Swinney told Local 2, "The eye is the window of the world and that's how a baby learns through vision. So we want to make sure that development happens as well as it can."

Another great brain food are walnuts. Walnuts are full of omega three fatty acids, they may also boost male fertility.

Swinney explained, "A recent study showed that guys who snack on about two ounces of walnuts a day actually had better sperm. So it's better shaped and swam better, so better fertility."

Finally, lean beef. Swinney said a three ounce serving about the size of a cell phone has 10 essential nutrients plus iron to prevent anemia.

She added, "A lot of women gain too much weight. So any of those little tricks you can do like eating protein rich foods at every meal, keep you full and keep you from maybe heading to the snack machine."

Swinney also shares ways moms can eat green and clean on a budget.

Her motto: Cook once, eat two or three times.

Stay on a budget by freezing leftovers in portions you can take to lunch.

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