Teaching young children about guns

While some are firm believers in the right to bear arms, as well teaching kids how to properly use guns, others argue that not everyone is to be trusted with that kind of responsibility especially children.

These parents taking their children to school would never dream about teaching their 6- and 7-year-olds how to shoot a gun.

"I think it's extremely dangerous and it also just teaches the kids at an early age to be violent," said mother of two Fida Ramadan who doesn't see why it would be necessary to teach a child about a firearm.

"The parents are there to protect them it's not because the child needs a gun to protect themselves," said Ramadan.

But on the other hand many people believe teaching a young child about a gun will only be to their benefit, taking the mystery out of the weapon so the child knows it's not a toy.

"It takes the curiosity factor out of what a gun is," said shooting range owner Randy Leger who encourages parents to show their children how a gun works explaining it's functions and the danger of it at the same time.    

"Most accidents with children happen when they stumble upon the weapon not knowing what they're doing or how to handle it," said Leger.

Ramadan believes once the child is turns 18 they can make the decision to learn to shoot.

"For protection or go hunting and stuff like that but as a child I don't recommend it," said Ramadan.

Leger says in his opinion children should be at least 6-years-old before they're allowed to hold a gun by themselves but he also says it varies with each child.

It depends on the child's ability to learn and understand the training and take it seriously.

Leger says he sees quite a few parents taking their children out on his shooting range but many of the kids are observing their parents and asking questions about the gun rather than shooting themselves.


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