Teachers publicly express disappointment in BISD

For the most part, they have been Beaumont Independent School District's most loyal and supportive group, but it seems their patience is running out.

Many teachers voiced concerns Thursday night.  It is the first time they have publicly been critical of the state of the district.

One of the teachers who spoke Thursday, talked about the embarrassment a lot of educators feel about working for a district considered dysfunctional by so many.

It's a sentiment BISD teachers have shared privately, but never in a public setting like a board meeting.

Teacher Sue Ellen Enard told the board, "I've been called the cheerleader for the school district, however cheering is becoming increasingly more difficult."

Greg Sholl, with the Beaumont Teacher's Association says he fears the district's budget deficit will mainly burden teachers and students.

Already their health insurance costs have gone up, and they've received no raises nor Christmas bonus.

They're not only losing money, they're losing faith in the district's top officials.

Sholl told the board, "The average teacher spends between $500 and $700 out of their own pocket each year for  pencils, paper, decorations, tissue, hand sanitizer and many other things to keep the classroom running."

School board trustee Mike Neil said, "We have withheld raises from people who sweep the floor, to the people who empty our trash, to the teachers with our kids, while the top administrators are pocketing money."

And that's what has some teachers and many taxpayers fuming, and angry at superintendent, Timothy Chargois, EdD.

Concerned citizen Elaine King Henderson asked Chargois, "When will you clear this house of the thieving, lying, self-serving bullies."

Some teachers say it's hard to stomach the sacrifices they've made and might have to continue to make, while two former district financial officers are accused of stealing $4 million from BISD.

In an interview with 12News after the meeting, Chargois said, "Sure our employees, our students, our parents, our taxpayers are frustrated, but we're going to get through this."

Despite the criticism against him, and calls for his resignation, Chargois still believes he's the man for the job.

He said, "I believe that I was appointed and anointed to be hear at this particular time for such a time as this, it's not easy, it is not easy."


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