Teachers go high tech to teach into the 21st century

Sally Curtis Elementary is the last of the 10 schools Beaumont Independent School District built with the $389 million bond passed by voters for the schools.

Curtis Elementary and the other nine new schools are not only housed in new buildings, they all have been upgraded with new technology to make the learning experience better. The days when the teacher wrote on the chalk board are long gone. Now teachers are using different forms of technology in an effort to reach every student.

Seems every time you turn around people are waiting in line to get the newest high tech gadget. But students at Sallie Curtis Elementary only have to sit in their seats and the high tech world opens up before them. Principal, Susan Brown says, "The technology techs are already embedded in the curriculum. so it already enhances the learning because we're able to show instruction in a way that they are used to seeing information and understanding information."

Every teacher at Sallie Curtis has a ladybug page reader so students can see the book the teacher is using on the big screen, no matter what the subject. And the class pad allows the teachers and students to be interactive during the lesson in a way in which everyone can see... Language Arts teacher, Shanon Welch says, "It's something that kind of reaches where they are. They all like to play video games. they all like to play on the nook or the I-pad and so its familiar to them."

Teachers wear a microphone and their voice comes out over an in-class speaker system, so all students can hear them.. Welch says, "It uses all of their senses. they can touch and they can see it and hear it and so it helps keep them plugged in."

And keeping them plugged in helps everyone in the classroom learn. Welch says, "I think it's a lot more fun. It engages more than paper and pencil, more than just listening to the teacher.

And while the teachers have all that technology in the classroom, there's technology outside the classroom that keeps everyone safe. Welch says the new keyless entry system keeps everyone safe, "Your ID's now work as a lock. I can't go into another teacher's classroom with mine, but I can get into the library, into the computer lab or the science lab" creating a safe fun and effective learning environment.

Principal, Susan Brown, says the school also has two computer labs teachers can take their class too. And for additional security, every entryway and hallway is monitored by cameras.


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