Suspended Jefferson County deputy accused of trying to influence DWI case

A Jefferson County sheriff's deputy is under investigation for the second time in just over two months.

This time, Sergeant Steve Broussard is accused of trying to tamper with the outcome of a DWI case involving prominent Port Arthur attorney Allen Parker.

Ten days ago Sergeant Broussard was placed on indefinite suspension without pay for his actions following the May 28 arrest of a process server.

Sheriff Mitch Woods recommended suspension for the 57-year-old who has been with the sheriff's office for 21 years.

Broussard arrested process server Steve Hartman as Hartman attempted to serve Judge Layne Walker with a lawsuit.

Hartman had a fountain pen camera on him that he used to record the arrest.

Broussard took the pen camera home before submitting it into evidence.

A disciplinary review board found that Broussard had not been truthful in his statements and had violated department policy.

But during this investigation, it appears Broussard tried to influence how Port Neches police handled the arrest of Port Arthur attorney Allen Parker.

Parker was arrested on July 27 on a charge of driving while intoxicated in Port Neches.

12News has obtained a letter written by Port Neches Police Chief Paul Lemoine to Sheriff Mitch Woods.

Here's an excerpt from what Lemoine wrote:

"Sergeant Broussard asked me if there is anything I could do for Allen.  I was not sure exactly who he was talking about...He then specifically told me Carl Allen Parker Jr., who was arrested for DWI by a Port Neches officer on July 27th, 2013, Mr Parker is referred to by his friends as Allen.  It shocked me that he would ask a question about this... I then told him that we were going to file the case with the District Attorney's office and we did not have any control over what happened there.  I reiterated to him that he, Mr. Parker, would be treated like any other DWI suspect and it would not be proper to attempt to tamper with the case.  He said he understood and then left...I don't know what Sergeant Brouusard's relationship with Mr. Parker is and I don't know if he came here on his own free will or if someone sent him here.  I do feel that the request was completely improper and do not appreciate someone asking me to compromise my integrity."

As a result of the incident, Sheriff Woods has launched an investigation.

We have spoken to Allen Parker, and he told us he never represented Broussard, and doesn't know much about him.

But he did say Broussard might have received advice from his father, former state senator Carl Parker, who's also an attorney.  Although the younger Parker doesn't think his dad formally represents Broussard either.

We also have learned that on Monday the Jefferson County district attorney's office dismissed the DWI charge against Parker citing insufficient evidence.

Chief Lemoine says the evidence included a video and the officers account, but he says Parker refused any sobriety tests.


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