Students say goodbye to summer

Students are saying goodbye to summer.

Travis Sturm only has a matter of hours before he starts his freshman year at Vidor High School. 

"I'm [going to] try to get a few friends over and have sort of like a little get together before school starts again."

While students are trying to savor the last hours before school starts Monday, many of their parents have been out shopping for last minute supplies.

"It's tough, putting everything in one basket, then we've gotta go back through and make sure we got everything when we're done," said Tony Gary, a father shopping for three children.

School supplies and reminders that summer is almost over has students looking for the bright side of heading back to class.

Gavin Talline is excited to find out which Science projects he'll get to work on this year. "Hopefully I'll get to build a volcano."

 "I like school because you get to learn stuff and have fun," said Jaylin Jones. He'll be in 3rd grade this year.

But the stress of a new school year is beginning to show. Some parents can't cross off everything on their lists since many supplies have sold out. While parents are focused on getting the kids out the door, the students are wondering what the new school year will hold.

"All high school is a big part of life you know, where all the memories are going to happen and I'm nervous," said Sturm.

5th grader Brandon Frisbee has advice for anyone with worries about Monday.

"Do your best and be yourself."


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